I would like to tell you about an experience my husband and I had at Etobicoke General My husband was admitted September 20,2020 with a fractured hip and had surgery on September 21, 2020 While in hospital it was discovered that he had bilateral lung cancer with spread to the brain. I am his primary caregiver and had called and left messages with the charge nurse on his floor and his attending nurse to call me to get undated on his condition. My husband was often confused due to medication and the brain mets and did not understand everything that was being told to him . He also asked the nursing staff to call me as well but it never happened. I am very disappointed with the lack of communication especially considering his diagnosis. I know COVID has been hard on the medical staff but that is no excuse for not returning phone calls . I must compliment the daytime clerical person who worked on the orthopedic floor , she was the only one who was the least bit helpful. I would not wish this to happen to any other family. My husband was discharged on October 6, 2020 and passed away six days later