I was moved to a different room because the older lady beside keep yelling and crying all last night and is still.doing it. I couldn’t handle the no sleep after my emergency surgery.

My nurse has been rude to be ever since. I’ve waited an hour for pain meds the first time since being transferred to a new bed.

I pressed the button because I was feeling sick. I was given a sick bag and told the nurse will be in. After 40 minutes of waiting and dry heaving my incision bleeding and badly hurting and the cut where my tub is bleeding..

I rang the bell twice 40 minutes a part and the nurse told me I’m not the only one here and to be patient.

I’ve changed my bandage myself with the supples left on my table. If I ask her to help she will only get mad at me again.

I’ve never raised my voice or was rude. I tried to tell her I waited 40 minutes but she didn’t care.