I have been feeling under the weather with cold/flu like symptoms and booked a COVID test on Dec 28 at 5:20. Having respiratory issues I was very wary of going near a hospital but thought it was the diligent thing to do during the pandemic for my colleagues, friends and family. I was attended by Dr A Gupta (who I have seen before in the ER and have NEVER had a positive experience with). She exudes disdain for her patients and her job and her bedside manner is the worst I have ever experienced. She asked me a few questions as to why I wanted a COVID test done and I explained my symptoms. She then quipped ‘well if you are having chest pain you do know we don’t have EKG’s here?’ I was shocked by her tone and attitude, not one ounce of empathy or concern. So she refused to do my COVID test and wanted to send me to the ER for an EKG and the COVID test. I told her my chest is heavy with a ‘cold’ (I have asthma) and it was NOT AT ALL like chest pain experienced with previous heart issues. I left the building at that point without the test and am now worried I will be infecting others. There is no way I would step foot in an ER during a pandemic AND a lockdown, I was there for a simple COVID test….not my heart. She dismissed me and now I have to rebook another test. and PS I am alive and well, no chest pains as my misdiagnosis. How is this Dr still employed? Her rating is 2 out of 5 and the list of complaints on her website mimic my concern. Joseph Brant needs to take responsibility for her mistreatment of patients. I know MANY other Burlington residents who refuse to go to JB specifically because of this Doctor. In my field of work, I am held accountable if I am rude to my clients so why is it different for a Doctor? Does Joseph Brant not care about their reputation or more importantly the patients that put their trust in them. SO DISAPPOINTING