I know that hospitals are in crisis and we are in a pandemic as I have been reminded over and over today Dec. 4 by Foothills staff Unit 46. My father was in ER Dec. 3 arrived via ambulance approx 1330. His time in ER with investigation (bld tests) was dx with kidney damage due to 2 days of vomiting and diarrhea IM consult and will need to be admitted. I want to keep this short, kept in contact Q3 to 4hrs for update with ER via phone, when they have a bed please call me 1100 am. I tried to be proactive called pt. info to find out what Covid guidelines where for in pts. visitation she “did not know”, transfer #1 repeat ? did not know, transfer #2 repeat ? did not know, transfer #3 repeat ? how did you did this # told her above, this transfer was at the main door during Covid screening , asked her for info on in pt. visitation other that end of life, screening stated each unit different guidelines manager approval needed to be put on visitation list great that only took 20 mins., now I wait for call from ER to see which unit. 1530 called ER to get status on dad, UC said no one by that name here call pt. info. click. Nice…Call pt. info dad on Unit 46 transfer please..I stated my name my father was admitted to your unit from ER & would like to be approved so I can see him, UC “not till Monday manager just left for home. NOT acceptable, I would like to speak to charge person, UC “she’ll tell you same thing unless end of life situation ONLY managers can approve visitor”.
No one outside the hours of 0800-1530 can approve, no evening coordinator, “NOPE COVID RULES”, the hospital open 24 hours? WOW
So after 30 hrs in the ER multiple conversations I want a phone call to inform me when he has a bed did not happen, so my 91 yr old father bad historian, scared out of his mind that he has COVID (was tested Dec 2 1600 Neg) as I knew that at 1200 no one bothered to tell him. I did speak to his Dr. Wilson IM he just happened to see dad , what course of action stool test covid test etc. I stated there was covid pending, “don’t trust it what to do my own”.
1600 spoke with my father via phone his first words do I have Covid I had to tell him Dec 2 neg Dr. Wilson and hospital want 2 negs to be sure he sat on that worry that he infected mom, my sister & me 4 hrs longer than needed to then I have to lay the bomb I can’t come to see you ,as above rules he wanted his shaving supplies, denture cream as his dentures are in the hospital bag with . He was upset. Thank you very much.
I understand that situations can change on a dime if hospital is open 24/7 the rules should be enforced 24/7 and there should be someone available to approve outside the hours of 0800-1600

Info desk, operator should be informed of procedures, rules guidelines etc. daily if need be so then can answer any ??? instead of transferring people in hopes of finding someone that might know

This complaint/concern will come to late to help me just like the 1-855 concern number. Leave a detail message of your concern the office hours Mon-Friday time??? could not be bothered to listen to the rest