I went In to the emergency room with a whole in my neck bleeding and pusing I was out through to the wait room behind the curtains after 4 hrs and during the 4 hours I personally had to keep trying to access my own paper towel to stop my self from bleeding was ignored and finally at the end during the last hour of waiting to make it a complete 5 hrs of bleeding and fighting for paper towel a nurse told me I wasn’t an emergency and had security escort me out and harassed me while doing so bout the event even tho I could barely see straight or walk and just to end up with a form of blood poisoning and multiple infections I’m still trying to recover from after fainting in a -2°c evening having to walk home because I couldn’t wait for a cab to pick me up from out front…barrie rvh has staff that will not treat you like human and definitely won’t out any care to there job they’re to be doing…it always seems like social happy hour with there nursing staff. The doctors and heads have no control and our legal rights aren’t implicated in there at all