I have been here in this hospital for my wife’s labor, this week 27 October, 2020 to 29 October, 2020. I had the worst hospital experience this time, that we had to ask for a discharge at the earliest and rushed home for which we felt, we c o I ld do better by ourselves with YouTube videos. It was good experienced and caring atmosphere at the birth suite and that was the end.
We were moved to the mother and baby u n it soon after delivery, and we were in semi suit. I have seen a number of staffs around the nurse stations and I suppose they were really medical staffs., as I haven’t seen them doing anything other than sitting in their chairs and socializing all that hours.
They comes and goes during their shift ends that’s when we get to see them. We being first time parents had lots of doubts.., we were ignorant in lots of areas.., we hardly had any clue. We supposed there be someone who help us to walk through this during our stay. But they were like it’s your responsibility as made it it to the world. N I none had any clue on what’s happening there. For everyone coming thare, in their entire shift, no one I think gone through a patient report, I actually suspect if they have one. No one knew what is done, what not, what’s next. They comes and goes whenever they like and do something, if we didn’t acknowledge them, they even do the same procedure twice without thinking,because all they got to do is just scan. They don’t have a patient I front of them. They see only objects on an amazon warehouse conveyor belt.
We had to call for some help a couple of times, I used the call option on bed.., yeah sure they attended and responded a few hours later.
An average time spend for a patient care during a shift is 15 minutes in total. Why? I noticed the patient allocation board, which had they just 3 patients to take care for a shift and how do they spend the rest of the hours..,, file works (which made it easier with scanning-hooe that’s ehat it meant for), reports that no one had any clue on, I doubt any one going through a patients report before their rare visits., and even if I doubt anything their in that report to look for ( A security guard’s log book will have more information than these well educated,trained, well payed qualified professionals).
Is this what nursing is? What is it then nursing stands for? If they were good at scaning., let them work in shipping.