I’d like to start off by , never recommending the grey nuns institution.
Last evening, I needed to call an ambulance. I have cyclic vomiting syndrome and ulcerative colitis.
I was a having a very bad episode puking and passing a large amount of blood.
Once the ambulance arrived. They proceeded to ask my girlfriend many questions. Also walk through our condo and look through medications and personal papers, without consent.
Once I was in the ambulance. They first did not put a seat belt on me. An I fell out of the chair as we began driving. They Did not lay me in the stretcher. They were very rude! I was puking and dry heaving a lot. They would just replied to me ” ok time to stop puking and dry heaaving” Like that was an option! They gave me a dose of Zofran and gravol by IV. No Saleen solution or anything for pain. Not even a blanket. I received very poor service. They were very rude.
Once I arrived at the hospital. They just put me in a waiting room for 3.5 hours. Continuously telling myself an other patients a room would be available. I called an ambulance for an emergency. An I was treated like I could have drove myself there. I needed medical help.
I began to realize, no one at this facility is going to help me. I kindly asked the nurse to remove the IV ftom my arm and I will go to a different facility.
I have never received such poor service for myself and other patients. I will never be returning to that facility. I will gladly go to Strathcona hospital!
Grey Nuns Hospital Ambulance and ER offer terrible services. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this facility.