My daughter was admitted to the Queensway site after suffering from an elevated blood pressure. I the mother arrived at the hospital but due to the COVID-19. The receptionist handed me a slip of paper where you can call to inquire about the status of your loved one. I called the number on Saturday @ 3.00am and the woman ‘s voice was unprofessional and implied that that I should really not be calling but speaking to my daughter. Then what is the purpose off handing loved ones the slip of paper. I am very appalled. my daughter had to undergo a long stay at the hospital. No prescription was given and the doctor told her if it escalates to 200 and over, then she should return to the emergency. (occurred October 3rd 2020. the patient paper given was so illegible , no one can read anything . gross ineptitude .Our health care system is failing and standards are dropping.
They are not taking time to listen. The nurses are not empathetic, not caring, rude , no eye contact with the patient. If the patient loved one cannot be net to her, then at least try to demonstrate ” the excellent care for all act (2010) by putting the patient first by improving the quality and value of the patient experience