My grandmother is presently in Sault Area Hospital. She is 86 years old and lives in her own home. Unfortanately she is no longer able to care for herself physically and requires 24/7 care. She is FULLY in agreement with this sentiment as she fully mentally intact. She has been in the hospital for a few weeks now however the hospital is pushing to release her back to her home with home care. She has had home care for a several years already with some assitance from a local aquaintance. My grandmother is 85% blind and can not walk without a walker. She has no bowel control and due to her blindness, can not see what she is eating, pills she is taking, or who she is talking to. All of the nurses are in agreement that she needs 24/7 FULL care!
My own mother (her daughter) died 40 years ago and she only has one son who lives in the U.S. He is her Power of Attorney. He can not go to the Sault to handle any of this situation as he will loose 5 or more weeks of work due to quarantine and still only be able to visit her two times during a week span. Also, he is 65 and is not aquainted with computers etc. I also live far away in Toronto area. There is no one else to help or care for her in the Sault.
We have pleaded with the hospital to send her to a nursing home at our request as well as her own however, we have had no help at all. They have suggested a retirement home and again, she needs 24/7 care that can only be provided at a nursing home or long term care. They have had many people go in and out of her room to ‘check her’ but only ask about her mental health. There is NO misunderstanding about the condition of her mind, trust me, her mind is working just fine. Some of the ‘people’ coming in are having her sign documents and she can’t see what she’s signing. And none of her care givers seem to know what these documents are. This is a serious problem.

We are gravely concerned she will be sent to her home and die alone. There is no one that can help her clean her when she doesn’t make it to the bathroom, nor can she do it herself. She can not cook or clean, nor can she make it to the door to get food deliveries.

We have done everything we know how, talked to everyone we can but we are getting pushed aside. There is no one to even care for the house in the Sault (it is extremely old and needs an extensive amout of repair). Another reason she should not be there.

I want to make a complaint about this blantant act of disregard for her life. I am so incredibly disappointed in the health care system and what they are trying to do. If you could please direct me to the appropriate people myself or my uncle could talk to to rectify this issue.