I was a patient of Dr M Elahi and had surgery last year October 2019 . I unfortunately am not happy with the results of surgery but this is not why I’m reaching out . I have spoken to the Ohip office as they had called me to see if I had seen the dr on a particular day which was an odd call but I advised them I did not . The following week they contacted me and asked what was I seeing the dr for . I told them brazieln butt lift . And then a second surgery which was a breast lift , reduce my aeriola and new breast implants . Ohip office advised me that my surgery that was done in October was charged to Ohip and advised me to contact the hospital and the CRA as it sounds like the doctor is double dipping . So I am reaching out to you as I paid the doctor for the surgery that I had at the hospital which again was a breast lift new breast implants and to reduce my Areolla . Now I had discussed having a larger implant so after my surgery the dr said that he could not make them as big because during my surgery they went black . I was charged again to come back and have another surgery and he would make them bigger by adding water . Which at that time paid another 3000 dollars . So my first surgery he charged me 10,000 for the breasts and ten thousand for the BBL . And then my second surgery paid another 3000.00 . The Ohip office told me that I should get my money back for the surgery if he billed Ohip for my case they also told me to let the hospital know as no fee is paid to hospital then why am I paying the dr for a surgery that no fees were paid to anyone but him . I’m really upset as this is why our medical system is drained by doctors like this . I want this to be reviewed and I know I’m not the only patient this has happened to as people I know through friends have done their noses and they were charged by this dr and Ohip billed and the hospital did not get paid as they spoke to the finance department as to what fees where paid. I am contacting the CRA as well. I’m very upset and would like to know what are the steps you will take to address all of my concerns . Respectfully awaiting a response Roza Hemati .