On Sunday night the August 16th2020 our “20 months” daughter starts 39-40 fever.
Next day, we did call Health Canada and the nurse did recommend us to go to emergency, on this day we brough her to Cheo Hospital, where we stayed for 4 hours. The doctor checked her out and did urine test which did show as clear. Just go home and give her Tylenol/Advil for fever and the diagnosis was Viral Illness, nothing else. Mentioned to go back if fever do not go away after 4 days
From that Monday the 17th until Friday the 21st our daughter was having 39C+ fever, not eating nor sleeping properly and so on… on Friday we decided to go back to Cheo Hospital, and there, the doctor asked us if did anyone from Cheo had called us, I said no. Nothing else was mentioned about it. All examination done once again and nothing wrong that could explain the fever. Doctor left room and sometime later came with prescription handy…. Guess what, the urine quantitative culture came back positive on Wednesday and no one called us. At any moment on Monday I was informed that we should receive a call with urine results.

That is sad, she could be under antibiotics since beginning of the week, and thanks to God we went back on Friday, she was dealing with urine infection since Sunday and she lost weight, all this could have been avoided if someone was doing their job right and with care.