I am a 68 year old woman , who went to the Queensway Carleton Emergency Dept yesterday evening at 8:00 p.m. I told them I had just had a complete hysterectomy the day before, in the same hospital, and I was in a lot of pain, suspecting a bladder infection, with a fever, chills etc. I was given a blue tag, and told to sit down and wait my turn. At approximately 9: 30 they took my blood pressure and put a bracelet on me. At that time I told them I was in a lot of pain.
At approximately 10:15 they asked for a urine sample. I asked if I could please see a doctor, and once again told them of my pain, and they said I was the next one. After that 4 other people were taken ahead of me. Around 11 I asked again, and I asked for results of my urine sample , and they said that I had an infection and needed to see a doctor. So I waited till midnight and I asked the attendant if she could please get a doctor, that I was in severe pain and needed help, and she said that I would just have to wait, that they can’t bump people. At 12:15 I left crying in pain , without being seen, as I felt I could no longer tolerate staying there in that condition, suffering with both the post surgical pain and the bladder infection pain.