On June 11, 2020 at around 1 am, I brought my husband to Misericordia emerge. Due to his symptoms, he screened “positive” for COVID-19 and was put in a room with other patients who also tested positive. I was allowed in, due to my husband’s weaken state, and I’m very glad as my husband ended up passing out, falling to the floor, and the nurse just watched me lift him up and he never offered any assistance. Now one would think that would be my complaint. However, it is not. My issue is that when a patient left the room, a room where they suspect “positive Covid” no one came in to clean the chairs etc. The washroom for those patients was absolutely filthy (feces on toilet seat) that I had to clean before my husband could go. Once admitted, he had great care. Just not surprised to hear that there was an outbreak of Covid-19 at this hospital.
Cindy Godfrey