I don’t want toI have had this sore shoulder/neck for three months. I have a rec from my family doctor for extras to my shoulder and neck and an ultrasound to look at the tissue to see if it wasn’t a bone problem then maybe a tissue problem. I only had a week to go get an ultrasound and X-ray, which I was told they like to do together, but ona weekend working with the pain and not sleeping with the pain i decided to go to the hospital to get it done faster. I called the hospital and said this is n’t life or death and i know Covid is going on should i come in with this. I didn’t want to bother a hospital afflicted with Covid. I didnt even want to go into a hospital with covid, but i was in so much pain i decided i wanted to find out what was going on. They told me i should come in in case it gets worse. I went in yesterday, the 29th of july around 9 am and i showed the rec to the doctor the rec. The rec asked for X-ray of the shoulder and neck and an ultrasound. They stayed the shoulder and not the neck. I told them in X-ray what the rec said and they said the doctor only signed off for the neck. I was also told that X-ray could have been done without a wait anytime. So i went to the front desk and tried to go in to see the doctor again. I told the front desk what had happened and she said she would go and talk to the doctor. They agreed to see me again but when i saw the doctor he refused my neck X-ray and ultrasound. He tried to just write me a pain killer. I dont like putting things in my body till I know what’s wrong. I had put up with the pain because i was afraid to go into hospital with covid going on and i finally did because it was so bad and i went there to find out what’s wrong not get a pain killer prescription. He also tried to write me a referral to a sports medicine clinic which isn’t covered by Ohio and that is fine by me but I’d like to go after having an exray and ultrasound. He also told me that that hospital doesnt do ultrasounds and that they only look for fractures. I coudnt believe that a hospital doesn’t do ultrasounds. If it only does fractures than it should be called a fracture clinic. Now i could be wrong and maybe they don’t, but if a patient insists on a treatment because of pain they should it least be given the courtesy of finding out what is going on. I only had a week to wait and i was in so much pain that i wanted to know what was going on. If I’m wrong fine i can live with that. But i risk my life too working as a security guard. I’m telling people to put on masks so they don’t go to hospital. I’m dong a duty as well and deserve to itleast be treated with kindness. The second doctor i saw was very rude like i was just some silly women complaining about something that i had no business being at a hospital with and if that is the case fine but i called first and was bacically asking is this serious enough to bother doctors during a covid crisis. They told me to come in then treated me like a drama queen which I’m most certainly not. Now i know that doctor is treating people during covid and I respect that but we’re as scared going in there as he is that we might have something. I said to the hospital i have an appointment in a week am i being silly to come in early and they said it might get worse so come in if it hurts that much. I was trying not to be in the way during serious times and they made me feel silly for coming in. I thought Southlake was a small down sweet hospital but I’ve read nothing but bad patient treatment.