I went to Grand River hospital on Thursday July 23 at 10:40 am with severe left pain on my left side. I got seen by the nurses and the process was pretty fast. I was taken to a waiting room to be seen by a Dr. The Dr came in and was pleasant at the start.
A little bit about me. I am that person that has very high pain threshold. I would not go into the hospital if I didn’t think it was a pain I could handle. Even when it’s something I can handle, I don’t know how to make scenes. I would say its something I learnt from childhood about sucking up pain. I was in labour pain with my first child with the monitor going wild and all the nurses saw me do was snap my fingers at each wave of pain. I know sometimes this makes people around me undermine what I am going through but as a learned person, I know chart and tests don’t lie. So I expect professionals to go with that in order to deermine the severity of my symptoms.
Back to the emergency dr, he did some physical exam and made some obnoxious comments like lets do an ultrasound to rule out bad stuff, I know its not kidney stone because if it was kidney stone you wouldn’t let me even touch you because of the pain and i ignored that because first he was doing most of the talking and i never said it was kidney stone. plus what makes him think everyone is the same. He should know better. So the next step was the scan and i just need to mention here that I was still in so much pain and even though he knew I was from the tenderness I felt during the physical exam, he didn’t ask the nurses to give me a pain med. At the ultrasound, the kind lady was doing her job but she made me go through so much pain while trying to get the pictures. All I could do was shed silent tears in my face mask. She apologized at the end and I told her it was okay. It needed to be done and it was no fault of hers.
Now comes the wait. I went for the scan at 12:30 pm