Following is self explanatory email sent to

As I MENTIONED EARLIER, website for is apprarently DEFECTIVE.

2) I tried with my OHIP card, and then Sunnybrook card number, and all other fields CORRECTLY completed.


I have ALREADY attempted APPARENTLY DEFECTIVE website on MULTIPLE occasions, and I don’t want to waste my time any further.

4) So, I have VERIFIED myself with you ALREADY, and I ask you to email me (as I ALREADY asked earlier) to my provided email. Do NOT contact me via phone.


I received following message on website-

You cannot activate your account using the PIN provided. The PIN has been locked.
Please contact the MyChartTM Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Support Line for assistance (1-833-221-2202).

” [SIC].

6) I don’t need any further HARASSMENT from you, with your REPEATED DEMANDS for me to keep trying your APPARENTLY DEFECTIVE website.

7) I am medically unwell and on disability, with shifting clinical symptoms.

Pursuant to “reasonable medical accommodations ” clause of Canadian Charter, Ontario Human rights code, AODA- Accessibility for Ontarians disability act, I ask for such reasonable medical accommodations, as I have ALREADY requested herein.