I was referred to the Scarborough Grace Hospital. I saw the nurse and then the dietitian. from the moment I walk in the dietitian office her attitude was negative. I wrote down everything I had been eating, provided on a spreadsheet.
Summarizing what we she said;
She reviewed it, looked up and said to me with her arms crossed you are on a Keto Diet, looks more like a low carb diet. You can sustain that? You will become nutrient deficient with out starch and fruit.
Instead of helping me with my diet intake she said it’s not sustainable long term sent me off but that your choice.
What the the bleep!!!! Please train your staff to be nurturing, not rude. Her attitude just sucks and is festering inside me since i left the appointment. I took time off work and she did nothing to help me.
I would like an explanation as to why my time was wasted by this supposed professional? An apology would be nice.

Sincerely disappointed,

Zov Torossian