I went to the walk-in clinic at the hospital. The service there was wonderful ( they deserve a compliment so I will start there before bashing the hospital ). I was bleeding from my urethra for 1.5 hours before I was seen. The doctor on hand tested my urine and did a quick exam looking at my urethra and confirmed yeah you are bleeding from there. He wrote a referral note and sent me down the hall to the ER saying they need to do an ultrasound. I likely have a kidney stone which ruptured something on the way out. Go get an ultrasound. It was downhill from there. I get to the ER and they make me do another urine test but first wiping myself down with an alcohol swap. Then after waiting another 3 hours they put me in that room that they put you in when they are kust going to send you home because they think nothings wrong with you. When I explain that their own doctor referred me after looking at the urethra and seeing the blood they decided to do blood tests. Wouldn’t do the ultrasound I was sent for. The guy they sent over, supposedly a nurse, didn’t follow the right procedure ( you know make a fist, bend your arm etc.) Just proceeded to stab me repeatedly for a minute in the arm while I writhed in pain shouting ow what the hell ow. I told him to stop and he walked away. The doctor didn’t want to release me and I broke down in tears and explained the nurse couldn’t find a vein. I had enough pain for one day I wanted to go home if nobody thought there was anything wrong with me and couldn’t take the blood. Eventually he sent another nurse over who when I tensed (of course I tensed the other guy traumatized me) yelled at me saying its my fault the guy couldn’t find a vein. Yeah maybe reteach that asshole basics and this woman bedside manner. She eventually finished but at this point I am freaking out terrified of these people and insisting to my ride to go home. Now having sore insides, two sore arms and a nervous wreck I am left sitting here waiting for blood results that doesn’t feel like its coming after 7 hours in this place. No ultrasound I was referred for on the treatment plan at all……I finally calmed myself down enough to write this complaint….