January28, 2020

Thank you for your Job,

Today I feel additional that what happened to me and Grant Moberly is organized crime.

The lawyer who has the Grant’s daughter’s case direct or indirect works with Aged abuse department and has close connection to Top Hospital Management or someone who has the POWER at the Hospital.

A. Game players.

1.We know the initiators of the Game. – Two Grant’s daughters with money.
2. Money receivers are Lawyer and Top POWER at the Hospital.
3. Dependent Game players are constables from Aged Abuse department and medical personal of #61 unit of Hospital Medical Department.

B. Dependent Game players.
1. For first time I met two ladies –constables (Tracy 403-305-5925 and Heather (403-428-2589) at Food Hills Hospital at Grant location on my lucky Day, Monday January 13, 2020.

At that day Heather left me with her partner at waiting room and went to Grant’s room.., in 10 min she returned to me and announced that he (Grant) doesn’t want to see me anymore, sorry… (She was satisfied). And she repeats all time that it is Grant decision not to allow me to see him (it is top level of lie!).

1. Two constables did everything to block me from Grant (their suggestions from today conversation with Heather (don’t visit the hospital, call us if you have any questions etc.
2. This is high level of Aged People Abuse to keep us separate at difficult for us time… We already struggle because of Grant’s heath; in addition, we should fight for right to hold each other maybe in last time!!!
They setup reject list for every Grant’s visitor to cover Exception: two Grant’s daughter, who are close to him in blood, but came only for money…Today Heather was very disappointed that this information leaked out…I hope the security man will not lose his job because of this money game.
3. They tried to setup easy access to my and Grant’s home for Grant’s daughters (these police ladies suggested me to keep the old cod on the front door lock, to send to Grant the key just in case if Grant will come home by taxi –comment from Tracy -(nonsense!). She knows that Grant is very sick and not mobile (according to today conversation and his condition 2 weeks ago). This way our police protects seniors like me from people without rules (like Grant’s daughters)!

2. #61 unit (left area) is the place where the Hospital has trained people-medical personal to block from not needed visitors and keep patient like Grant away from them.

Cathy or Kathy – nurse supervisor of 61unit always gets crazy by seeing me. With screaming she directs her staff to call to security. Why? I just ask about my husband. It is my top right to know how he is doing, to see him and to help to recover.

Tomorrow I will be at Hospital. I will try to see the managers, but …Wish me Good Lack!
Regards, Nataliya Prykhodko (403-999-3603)