My elderly mother with advanced COPD was in emergency for over 24 hours and on a breathing device. She was taken off to see how she copes and asked to be put back on it. I asked the nurse on duty and she said that only the RT was able to put it on. I asked her to page the RT then. This was at 2:15-2:20pm. I asked again about 15 minutes later. The RT showed around 2:55 (almost 40 minutes later). Now, if someone can’t breathe, this should be a top priority. However, Lindsay (sp?) made a point of saying that she received the page at 2:50 and didn’t appreciate being told that we were waiting. I’m sorry, but I initially ASKED at 2:20. If the nurse didn’t page you, that’s not MY fault. Don’t get all uppity with me and let’s have people do their damn jobs. Forget your stupid pride!