I had surgery today Nov 29, 2019 at Centenary Scarborough Location – the admitting nurse was lovely and helpful. The recovery room nurses however in the day surgery recovery room were atrocious. Firstly, I was told by my surgeon’s office that the earliest discharge time would be around 2pm, and so my pick up was arranged accordingly with people changing meeting dates.
When I arrived they took me in early almost an hour before my scheduled surgery which was fine – but then at the day surgery recovery when they tried ONCE to call my pick up and she was in a meeting so didn’t pick up (they NEVER tried again and I had to use my cell phone in the midst of recovering to start calling), the nurse said “well someone needs to come because you need to be out by 11am. I told her the arrangements made as per my surgeon’s office directions and she didn’t seem to care and came back every 20 minutes to ask if someone was coming to get me. Keep in mind none of the nurses made ANY attempts to call my contacts after the initial first call. I was there for almost 4 hours and was checked on maybe twice at the beginning around 10am and then just left.
The lack of professionalism of the nurses was also disgusting. The gentleman next to me was elderly and repeated things – to which the nurse said “you keep saying things over and over again, its annoying stop it” and the poor man apologized which to me is unacceptable. Then there was one nurse (larger woman) who wouldn’t stop complaining about her job very loudly, how she was grumpy, argued in front of all of us with another nurse and refused to do something she was asked to do.
I have had multiple surgeries at hospitals downtown and the after care in recovery has been outstanding, with nurses checking in every few minutes, managing pain etc and also making the patients feel welcomed and not rushing them to leave. All the nurses kept berating the patients if their ride didn’t pick up and I found they seemed to pick more on the elderly patients who weren’t able to speak up for themselves.
This needs to be addressed. I would like someone to contact me about this as it made the whole surgery process worse.
Thank you.