I brought my daughter in on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 2 with a possible concussion from a sports injury. Forget the hour and a half it took just to get triaged. That I understand. But it was the incompetence of one of their staff that was inexcusable. After checking into registration, the staff member at the registration desk gave us some paperwork outlining her symptoms and told us to go wait in the “yellow” area which we did. Three hours later I asked the receptionist at the main desk when we could expect to see a doctor. She seemed too busy on her computer to answer and said she didn’t have any idea. Another hour later, another PATIENT saw me holding my daughter’s medical paperwork and told me we were supposed to put it in a bin so that we could be seen. She also said no one told her this also. I went to one or the doctors and asked if we could be put in line first as we had been waiting for over four hours and wasn’t told about the paperwork procedure by their staff. She said no. We left after waiting over 4 hours without seeing a doctor.

I’d like to file a complaint. To have someone wait with their child with a potential concussion over four hours without giving us the proper paperwork procedure is unconscionable. When I went back to to the registration desk to inquire as to why we weren’t told the paperwork had to be taken to a bin, the person at the desk admitted that we were given inaccurate information — she should have told us to hand in the paperwork. The fact that we had been waiting for over 4 hours with someone with a possible concussion did not seem to concern him.

At no point did anyone apologize for the issue or try to get my daughter the medical help she needed.

Please contact me if you need any additional information.