Dr. Mand at William Osler is an incompetent doctor.
He does not even understand why the patients are brought in on form 2. The family goes through the big hassle of getting form 2 signed, wait for the police to bring in a person and doctors like Dr. Mand let go the patient in less than 30 minutes.
He was not even in the hospital, “on-call” made a decision that the patient is OK and cannot be held for further assessment.

Dr. Mand – do you think family is crazy that they took all these steps to bring this their loved ones for treatment?
If now some damage happens to this person, you will be held responsible for not doing your job properly. Let’s wait and see.

We as the family did our part to force him to see a doctor and you did your part by doing a half-ass assessment and not even reviewing history of the patient or any medical records.

Were you rushing to go to a party that’s why you did not spend time to review this case??