Your nurse staff is very rude. At two different occasions I have come in with chest pains and I was treated rudely even after politely asking the nurse not to be rude. No matter how busy your nurses are it’s never an option to be rude or disrespectful to an aching person. I will speak about my last experience which was last week. There is a nurse named Katerina in Ambulatory care – she was extremely rude. I had been sitting there for a few hours. Once they took me in I still waited fir a while before approaching the rest where three nurses stood. I said can I please know how much longer it will take me at which point Katerina looked at me and said I am busy right now. I said I just want to know which number my name is at. She said it take a few hours. I said I know I have been here for a few hours just wanted to know how much longer. She said you have to wait I am busy right now in a really mean tone. So I said ok I am
Waiting she said yeh keep
Waiting. Now that was very rude. There were other nurses there too all they had to was check my chart. Or atleast give me an assurance it won’t be long. But all theee of them just stood there after which they started to joke around laugh at jokes etc. I felt insulted. Anyway after a few minutes I decided I wanted the nurses name. I went up again and instead of looking at me while I stood infront of her at the reception she kept doing g her work. The other nurse intervened and said what do u want now. I ssid write down her name on a piece of paper please. They both refused. I should have taken the other nurses name too because after this incident she started to treat me badly too. Also there was one more mature woman there shorter hair. Atleast she was one one kind. Because Katerina felt threatened I took her name after which she She decided to get hospital security to check my bp. Which at that point was hitting the ceiling way off the chart. I was crying because of the pain. These nurses are savages. Sorry but my experience previously was even worse but I let it go this time I won’t rest until I reach the top. It has affected my breathing /anxiety / could even be my heart I still have tests to be done. I came in holding my chest and this was the second time I was treated with disrespect by your nursing staff.