I’m just copy/pasting what I have sent to numerous contacts at Sick Kids after our terrible experience..

Let me just being by saying I WAS a monthly donor and after the single solitary time that I had to use the services of this hospital for my soon to be born daughter, I came to realize how terribly this place is run and I cancelled my donation..

For a hospital that claims to provide the ‘very best service’ for sick kids the hospital FAILED us to the full extent. We had a requisition for a fetus MRI of the brain that was very time sensitive per our doctor and accordingly we were referred/sent to Sick Kids. Here’s the various checkpoints where the administration of this hospital completely and utterly FAILED us.
1. We had to chase down the hospital for the confirmation of our appointment as they never reached out to us for days past the time we were told we would be contacted.
2. We showed up to the hospital 45 minutes early to ensure we are on time and ready. Upon arrival we were tossed around to 6 different offices/labs within the hospital BY THE HOSPITAL STAFF before they were able to figure out who is doing the MRI at which point we were now 15 minutes late as we had to search this hospital for an entire hour.
3. It took 25 minutes for the receptionist that had already seen us standing at the counter to acknowledge our presence and give us the necessary forms to fill which she FAILED as she provided us with the incorrect forms and so we had to redo the process from scratch.
4. Post the MRI we were advised the results would be sent to our doctor within 3-5 business days. On day 8 and after 10 UNANSWERED voicemails with relevant staff or departments (from business day 6 and 7) we were finally able to get a hold of someone at this hospital.
5. The staff informed us (Claimed) that the results had been sent back to our doctor after a single business day only for her to retract and swallow her word and say “Actually they’re still here as we didn’t have your doctor’s contact info” .. Now we’re not sure how they could not have this info when every requisition form sent out has the Doctor’s office info attached to it .. or why anyone at this hospital could’ve taken many different steps to rectify this between business day 1 to 8 where our results were simply sitting on someone’s desk.
6. The staff noted above refused to take the doctor’s info and requested WE contact our doctor so they can then contact Sick Kids and provide their info AGAIN .. talk about Bureaucracy ..

Big banners hanging in the hospital say how over 600 million dollars collected in donations and yet it seems you don’t have a dime worth of an idea as to how this delicate business needs to be administered….