Experience I’d like to forget. My mother in law was taken to the emergency department 4 weeks ago with dizziness and slurred speech. At 86 years old this is serious. The emergency doctor did not feel it was too serious and was going to release her to go home. My wife (her daughter) would have nothing of that and told the doctor in no uncertain terms she was going to be released until it was determined her mother would be ok. The doctor relented and had her admitted. She then spent the next month in the hospital undergoing tests, She spent three weeks on the 6th floor. In the entire time she was there she was never once given a shower. As she is also legally blind she has to be assisted. On the second week a male nurse helped her to the bathroom, but while she was in there told her he’d be right back. He never did come back. She had to try and call for help. After 25 minutes alone in the bathroom a nurse walking by heard her and rescued her. I could not believe this happened. We did complain to the hospital and do not know what happened to the male nurse? My mother in law is finally back home and after one week back home she is looking better then when she was in the hospital…an experience we would all like to forget