Went to emergency Tuesday January 15 with sever abdominal pain. was there from 3:30-10:30 pm. Their procedure was not well organized. Kept being moved from room to room and did not see anyone till after 8 pm. When finished I was given a prescription and sent home. When I went to fill prescription today it was unfillable as the sticker with name out on it was for another patient. Called emergency back and when I told her what happened she said Dr. not in today and hung up abruptly on me. Called patient relations and got a recording to leave message and someone would call back 5 business days. I f this was a prescription that was serious and had to be taken immediately I would be in trouble (the hospital did get me a dose of medicine before I left)

On my previous visit or sever pain, at first the Dr. said it was a hernia. Had a scan and Dr. said nothing showing and probably a pulled muscle which I knew was incorrect due to the pain type. Next morning at 8 am I get a call from the doctor advising they missed seeing the problem and advised that I had a severe bowl infection and a prescription would be sent to my pharmacist.

This hospital is getting worse and if I need medical attention in the future I am tempted to go to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan which is about same distance to me and get medical care. It may cost ne but it would be worth it to get proper care.