Terrible experience once again. This time I felt the need to send an email as this hospital is ridiculous. I went to the ER on June 9th with a knee injury. I could barely walk and was sent to triage,┬áregistration then to the yellow zone. I hobbled to each area. Was told to go for x-rays which I hobbled over to as well. Not one person offered assistance or a wheelchair alternatively. ER doctor said I needed to go to the fracture clinic,which they booked me in for on June 21st. Fracture clinic doctor Catre said I need an MRI as he thought my meniscus was torn and I would potentially need emergency surgery. The referral form for the MRI stated ASAP as per the Catre, I received a call for a cancellation spot and had the MRI on June 23rd. My doctor wrote the wrong knee on the referral and I had to have the MRI technician get the ok before she could proceed. The MRI technician said results would be with the doctor Catre on the wednesday or Thursday of the upcoming week. Knowing I had a follow up appointment on July 11th I called back to get an early appointment as the MRI got pushed up. The fracture clinic said they did not have any appointments available earlier and that the doctor was going on vacation. I left a daily message with the fracture clinic to have the doctor call me before his vacation and a voice mail with his alternative office. I did not receive a call back and he went on vacation. Being in immense pain I called my family doctor to see if she got a copy of the MRI. I found out I have a full tear in my ACL. I then called the fracture clinic back to see if I could get an earlier appointment. They said nothing was available since the doctor was away. I called patient care and they tried to get me in with a different doctor and the fracture clinic said they don’t trade doctors. I have received no help from this hospital and just want a copy of my MRI to take to a competent hospital with a competent doctor. Nothing was prescribed for the pain and the knee has fluctuated in color and has become cold from lack of circulation. I suppose I will just wait for the doctor to come back from his nice vacation since clearly doctors do not have coverage for each other.