From the beginning the emergency has been completely rude to all patients. Its understandable that they have several patients who all need emergent care but it is absolutely not necessary for them to speak in the tone of voice that they do and the way they make you feel is not at all comforting. When one is seeking urgent care they should not have to worry about how the people at reception, or nurses or doctors make you feel. At 11:55pm on June 4th 2018, I honestly felt bullied by the receptionist (asian male) and nurse (white male). My immigrant mother was trying to clarify what the receptionist was saying and instead of trying to explain what to do he responded with “Don’t be rude, you just met me. What don’t you get, call tomorrow and ask for ultrasound.” First of all, my mother was not able to understand what he said because he was speaking fast and for a person who doesn’t speak english as a first language, they did not try to accommodate by speaking clearly and slowly. Instead he decided to be completely rude from the beginning. This was not the only time I witnessed rude service. As I sit and wait I can hear all the rude remarks made behind patients backs, or even the rude tone of voice/things that were being said straight to the patient. Examples of these include “Just sit down and wait! Everyone is here with a problem, you aren’t the only,” “That lady is probably mentally unstable with all the complaining she does,” “I’m just the nurse, its like asking a cleaning lady whats going on, so don’t ask me, you should have asked the doctor.” Although, these things may have some truth to them, its extremely inappropriate and unjust to treat your patients like this. At the end of the day this is a service, and patients are customers, and the customer service at this hospital was inappropriate and not comforting whatsoever. I will be making google reviews and mentioning to others via social media about the rude service that I witnessed and personally dealt with. I really hope this improves because those who are mentally and physically feeling sick do not need medical professionals making them feel worse than they already do!