I brought my Dad into Emerg at 8:00 am. I was happy to see there were very few people in front of us and hopeful we would be seen soon and there would be some resolution or at least a plan in place. Initially we received some attention starting with a blood test. Then two hours later a doctor visited suggesting a burrage of tests. Another hour for the tests, then two hours of waiting in an examination room then some more waiting in a hallway next the ATM, some tanks other equipment held together with tape and  garbage cans . My dad said he feels like he was thrown away in the trash.

We have  been coming to East General all of our lives it has become progressively worst. The hospital itself is unsanitary, poorly kept and unorganized and patients are not attended to in a timely manner.  I know the hospital has  a huge expansion planned but what the hospital needs is more staff to service patients quicker some attention to dignity.

Im not looking for an explanation as to why things are the way they are or an apology just results.

Iam only one person from the community that the hospital serves and have never complained about the substandard treatment our community receives.