I would like to put In a complaint regarding with a nurse who’s shift was from 8am-4pm on April 24th. The reason why is because my spouse has been emmited to the emergency room on April 22 Sunday around 12pm noon. Due to Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Today is April 24th and my spouse is still being being treated in ICU. We have been suspected and sort of in directly accused of feeding my spouse which is the patient of “Tim Hortons Timbits or donuts”. My spouse is under Iv units of Chloride Sodium, Pototassium and Insulin. My spouse is going though a regular blood glucose check every hour and ever 2hrs are so blood has to be taken. Due to one of the needles drying out on the right for arm extensors where they have a hard time drying blood. The nurse around noon time on April 23rd has recommended to put a Artery line so they can check the blood sugars and other components without further poking. This was attempted on right wrist area where they first applied a needle for freeze which my spouse was in excruciating pain due to the area. They attempted to apply the art needle was told it won’t hurt as much. The needle looked really think is about 5inches long. The freeze didn’t work because my spouse was screaming “stop, I can’t take this paint anymore”. That nurse suggestion another shot of freeze and to try again to thread needle in the same wrist area. Unfortunately the attempted failed and the reason was they couldn’t find the artery and it was to small to detect even though that nurse had a the ultra sound machine to determine where the artery was. My spouse has not eaten all day due to her high blood sugars and Anion gap is above 12. She is really upset and feels that nurse has no empathy and is being extremely rough with doing these procedures. The doctors still has not discovered anything after 3 days of poking and receiving. This is very frustrated and there was also a mistake on the wrong insulin being applied around 8pm on April 23rd which we were accused of giving my spouse donuts.