To Mackenzie Hospital


Patient Name: Zakieh Bahojb Hedayati

Date of Birth 1939-01-31

Residential address: 193 Selwyn Rd Richmond Hill ON L4E5E9

Phone : 416-880-4770    905-237-1926

My son in las Mohammad Hassan Hemati on my behalf has full power of authority to deal for all my cases and you can release and deal with him all my complains issue and related matters.

On March 30-2018 hospitalized in Mackenzie Emergency Department for kidney and bladder infection  and recognized as Septicemia. On March 31-2018 I have been served at breakfast with apple juice 118 mg that I have taken half of this juice and I felt dizzy and poison status in my body and I complained to the nurse and she was trying to take the expired and poison apple juice to replace with a good one. While I was in critical health satiation they treated me with poison and expired apple juice, they forgot to serve even my lunch on March 30-2018, and I was so hungry and feel bad heath in the hospital  the medicine not delivered on time nursing service so late and no responded on time and heath and cleaning service not acceptable and bed sheet and blanket so old and not clean and not changed until repeatedly requested.   Please review my complain carefully and respond me to my email :

Also send me the respond to my address : 193 Selwyn Rd. Richmond Hill ON L4E5E9 today.

I will send my complain report to Ministry of Health and Government department to review my case and for the public consumer Healthy safety improvement.

Zakieh Bahojb Hedayati

April 2, 2018