my mom at 88 years of age with dementia had  wandered out  of  her Condo due to a UTI and  was  admitted to  hospital.  After  being  told she  would  not  be  able to return home she  was refused a referral to CCAC by the  hospital navigator.  Was threatened  by the hospital navigator Brenda Steele to basically place my Mom anywhere immediately at a  price tag of $6,000 a  month or a  more  reasonable $50 a  day  at   Wesley Urban Ministries basically a  homeless  shelter…apparently suitable to my Moms  needs or they would  get  a  public trustee  involved.   I spoke with the  CCA hospital worker  and  they said  there  was  nothing  they could do without  a  referral after insisting to the   hospital navigator it  was   my Moms  legal right to be   referred it was finally  done. Then I contacted the  CCA hospital worker and  was  told  they  do not  assess people  in the  hospital. So with the  help of  a home  for  Mom I placed Mom in  a  retirement  home  for  the  reasonable  cost  of  $4,000 a month. Contacted the  hospital CCAC worker  again and  was  told  oh that is  not  her   responsibility now  my Mom was  in the  community. After inquiring of  her  what did  she   exactly do because she  doesn’t  assess people  in the  hospital or  community I was  called  rude  and  hung  up on. So after  almost  4  months $ 16,000 later  and  a  complaint  to the  Ministry of Department  of  health my Mom is  finally on a  waiting  list  for   LTC…..Thank you Brantford General I hope you live  out  your  days at  Wesley urban ministries