My daughter is a bone marrow recepient for leukemia and was treated by St Justine and Cheo. Unfortunately the after care provided by Cheo has led my child to fall through the cracks. She is 1,5 years behind in receiving her vaccines and this is unacceptable.

I got a call from a nurse at public health  today stating that my daughter is not getting her immunizations on March 21 at Cheo as per her conversation with  a case manager. This is the first i learn that her appointment will not include immunizations that are long over due. The appointment that was canceled by Cheo last week was to include outstanding immunizations as per  the nurse coordinator. She knew my daughter  Ava had been kicked out of school before she went on holidays and assured me that the appointment last week would get her caught up.

I feel as though my child has Fallen through the cracks here and I really want to understand why that is??? Cheo was to take over her care almost 2 years ago now and she is  approx 1,5 years behind in 2 vaccines that are outstanding. I am sorry but this totally doesnt make sense to me and someone has dropped the ball on her care and I am not happy in any way. I am actually furious that we continue to try and figure out why she hasnt been vaccinated properly or on Schedule.

I really want answers as to why CHEO wont vaccinate Ava and get her caught up. I feel that we have not been followed properly and there has been a huge miscommunication somewhere and it needs to be rectified immediately. We have a daughter who isnt up to date on her vaccines and every day she goes to school unvaccinated is a risk to her health.  this in my opinion is a priority. I would like to know when she is to receive her vaccines!!! She needs her MMRV Asap! Not having a lot of faith !