I was at Trillium hospital emergency mental health section on 26th of January 2018. My Indian nurse on 27th of January had told me that security is coming to take away my iPhone and put with my belongings which they did.

However when I was discharged on 8th of February 2018 2:00 from Mental health section my nurse told me that my cell phone is lost.

I emailed all information of my iPhone to Patient Relations and a few days later after discharge when I did go to check with security about my iPhone, they asked me about password of my cell phone and they said they have the phone however they want to make sure if it is mine. Considering that I already have given all information about my phone, asking password violates personal privacy.

Meanwhile, I am tracking my phone from an application and shows that is still at Mississauga Trillium Hospital.

I really appreciate if you take time and follow up with my request.

This is my iPhone identification:

(iPhone 6 S Plus, Serial # C39QPN4UGRX8 Space Grey) with a clear cover and picture drawing of myself of the back screen with black circle magnet to use on car dashboard while driving and a protective clear cover on top. My cell phone number is: 647 217 4164

The phone number that you can reach me is: 416 456 2656

My email address is: armin.hyatt@outlook.com

Armin Hyatt