My mother went to Langley Memorial Hospital 2 weeks ago in severe pain (knee). After waiting 9 hours or so in the waiting room (others came in after but went in before her). She was put in a wheelchair and moved into the triage area. The nurses kept forgetting to take vitals and then had my step mom take my mom to xrays. Then they had to go back to triage due to the xray order not being submitted. Well off they go again to xrays. She gets the xrays done and then has to sit and wait. While waiting again a mentally ill patient lost control and attacked herself and others beside my mother in the waiting area.. No blood work was ever ordered. No questions about allergies, current meds, or history were asked.. The doctor comes and says “your xrays are clear, go home and take some Advil, if its not better in a week go to a doctor”.. 2 weeks later,exrutiating pain, multiple doctor visits, surgeon appointments, being admitted into the hospital and currently in surgery… it turns out she had a bad infection in her knee.. As far as I’m concerned the Doctor involved (won’t name names) made a judgement about my mother because she is a heavier woman and dismissed the issue. From start to finish it was a horrible experience. Not one staff member stopped to listen to her or help her. I’m so disappointed in this hospital and the doctor and nurses involved.