My wife has been treated at the hospital for over 18 months stating in July of 2016 – she went in for chronic neck pain as Is was so bad she was crying 24/7 – she was at the point of self harm so instead of treating the chronic pain issue she was put in the psychiatric ward for 17 days – the entire time she was there all she complained about was her neck pain but they loaded her up on antipsychotic drugs – after she was discharged there was no change to the chronic pain but now the start of the next 18 months of hell – I would have to say the psychiatric ward is incompetent- treating her for a mental issue because of a chronic neck pain issue is total incompetence- this all led to numerous and I mean numerous stays in the hospital they sat me down in a meeting and told me there was nothing more they could do for her and they handed me a bunch of information on nursing homes – my wife is only 57? I didn’t buy there diagnosis and in fact one of the psychiatrist had written in her chart that under no circumstances is shutout be admitted to the hospital as she was faking her condition ( YES ) that is what was put in her chart – my family doctor after seeing my wife over 8 months ago knew there was something severely wrong with her and on top of it my wife was turning sucidal so the doctor wrote out s schedule 1 form detailing my wife’s on going issues and that she needed to see a neurologist- so here we go again to the psychiatric ward – more drugs now added and still no change only worse – in July of 2017 she went in for a full hysterectomy and right after the surgery they called me on the recovery room to ask me why her legs were shaking and why she wasn’t in any pain – well it looks like alll these antipsychotic drugs they gave her brought on Parkinson’sr type symptoms- finally the neurologist saw her and he suspected she may have autoimmune encephalitis and not Parkinson’s- it’s now January and we still don’t know – she was released just before Christmas because she was in there the prior 2 weeks because she kept passing out due to low blood pressure- apparently the lopadopa Parkinson’s drug they gave can cause low blood pressure issues so they countered that with another pill to try and regulate the BP – didn’t work so they added a second pill – that’s not working either – the neurologist told us if any of the symptoms continue to go back to emerg – she has passed out 4 times in the last 6 days so I took her back again for what has to be our 30 or 40th visit to er in the last 18 months – this time her BP was already down to 94/69 sitting in a wheel chair so it would surely have hit the 70’s by standing up – her blood pressure laying down has been as high as 201/114 and as soon as she stands up it has dropped as low as 58/47. – anyways last night was the last straw- as instructed by the neurologist she was to go immediately to the ER if these symptoms continued which they had so off we went – after sitting in the waiting room for 4 hrs they finally sent us to the ER – we sat there for another 40 minutes without even seeing a nurse so we asked what the problem was and it was because they were busy but would have a nurse sent in to set up the BP machine- well another 45 minutes go by and still no nurse- most of the ER patients had flu related issues and obviously some more serious but at the end of the day if someone is having blood pressure issues I would think that might take more presidence over the flu but obviously not the case – so we decided to walk out – we have totally lost our trust in this hospital and many people have told us we need to go to London Heath Sciences if we ever want the issue resolved – and after 19 months of getting no where in Owen Sound it looks like that’s what we have to do / this whole experience has had a severe impact on our family both emotionally and physically and the situation is totally unacceptable