I want to remain anonymous, however what I witnessed these last three days has sickened me, a patient on the 10th 46, bed one well I was checking the condition of the beds anyways when I lifted up the absorb pads they place under patients who were diapers I was shocked to see feces on the sheet, this was Wednesday, I was back again on Thursday cause I thought for sure this would of been changed, well when I arrived late night to look under the pad to my horror the sheet was not changed now I was waiting to see if I could find a family member to report this shocking discovery! Well that was Thursday day two, I said to myself OK this might of been overlooked could of been missed surely it’s taken care of by now!  So it’s Friday near noon day three no patient in the bed but sadly the same sheet with feces was still there how can any nurse be that incompetent to allow a patient to sit in his own filth? I was appalled, I really wanted to tell the family but I never did locate them so I’m sharing this appalling story with everyone, most nurses are great wonderful but all it takes is one bad apple to label them all as lazy bad workers sadly..

The hospital should find out who this nurse was and reprimand her take appropriate action so this will never happen to anybody else