Two weeks ago I hand an appointment with Dr. Tsai in the  neurology  department

I waited from 8:15 am till 10:40am  and the reply I got from their receptionist was

she is doing her rounds. ( why book me an appointment ) the receptionist was very nice.

so I rescheduled my appointment for today Dec,15  I arrived at 8:45 am  again my appointment was for 9:00am like last time  and again I waited till 10.40am

so I went to the reception and told her I had to leave I couldn’t wait any longer.

She called the doctors receptionist and he that If I leave thy won’t book me another appointment.  Who is he to threaten me.

And I also had to pay $25.00 in parking.

I think a refund for my parking is in order and a letter of apology from  the Doctor