My Mother is currently in the Montfort Hospital, who is elderly and has a form of dementia, during one of my visits with her, I observed hospital staff not properly checking in on her, I had to go get them everytime my mother who was seated in her chair all morning wanted into her bed, but I waited to see if anyone would check in on her, I made her as comfortable as possible, and they did not know I showed up for a visit with her, which is why I am concerne that she went long time with nobody checking in on her!! My mother has hard time communicating but I can understand her and what she is asking and wanting, the psw and another person across the room were laughing at my mother when she tried to talk and ask for help, I looked around and was so troubled at what I had just witnessed and laughing at an old woman with dementia is not a laughing matter and the psw then told me to stand outside and pulled the curtain shut, I had to go get her so she could help me get my mother into her bed, then she says I will go get help? I looked at her and said well I can help, she did not know how to properly move my mother higher up and told her to grab the side of the pad as I grabbed the other side to properly position her, it was like she was bothered with the fact of helping,and believe me I have much respect for nurses and what they do! I was appalled at what I had witnessed and my mother was aware too, I could see the pain in her face after being literally laughed at, I closed off her curtains from the person across the room that just kept laughing at her, to give my mom privacy and not to be stared at and laughed at, I am not happy with what had happened on this day which was on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. I also didn’t have the name of psw, but I am sure you have employee’s names who worked and I can know who once I see her as well, my point being no patient deserves to be humiliated in that manner and you would think being in that profession there is certain professional ethics to abide by, I will be deligently watching for this from now on and in hopes that this is an isolated, but if someone is not being reprimanded by how they present themselves this type of unethical behavior will not stop! Nurse and staff are over-worked but there is no excuse to treat patients like this! I would like this investigated and have someone go in there and watch their professional ethics on the job, I will start documenting , rcording and make sure my mother is getting the quality care she rightly deserves with respect of her as a person and a patient, this is unexcusable behavior and needs to be looked in to, I have seen this type of behavior at this hospital before, so I am sure there are other complaints out there. I would appreciate your complete attention into this matter be looked into and properly stopping this typee of destructive behavior, every patient in there deserves respect as a person and individual, they look at you like you are just another person with no value that is exactly how I felt there, or I will be looking into changing hospitals for my mother and going to every person I need to, to look into the treatment of psw’s and nurses care, Thank you for your cooperation, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon, yours truly, Brenda Fox