I would like to file a complaint against Credit valley ER, On October 28, 2017 at around 11:00AM I took my son to ER as he suffers from thumb fracture diagnosed by his family doctor with urgent referral to the ER, after long wait in the reception Dr. Scamph MD, noted that he reviwed the X Ray and advised that he require to ware finger splint for his comfort, please note that ER did not provide us with the splint and he did not do anything , like any other doctor referral or any medical follow up.

After six day we were having an appointment with his ortho doctor for another follow up and we let him see the X ray, then mentioned that this kind of fracture requires a cast and he did it at once.


We require a full explanation from the hospital why he did not do any thing or at least send us for follow up and provide the splint, as we were having the said appointment mentioned above, we discovered the case is more complex and if we did not have it we would have end up with much complicated case.

Please be informed that we already went to hospital complaint and talked to one nurse identified herself  as the charge nurse responsible on the department  she wanted to close the subject and mentioned that we all are human and make mistakes and she did not take any info from us to fallow up the mater.