My mother fell outside doctor’s office in Etobicoke, Ontario after visiting her family doctor. She was taken to Etobicoke General Hospital at first for her leg pain and right eye was bleeding. Etobicoke General Hospital took x-ray of her leg and transferred her to Brampton Civic Hospital. Now Brampton Civic Hospital did her eye surgery right of way but not taking care of the leg problem. Everytime giving her morphine to reduce pain. Nurse saying they r waiting for the eye doctor to transfer her to leg doctor. Mom has been waiting since November 8 evening and now it’s November 9 at 730pm. Nurse can’t get hold of the eye doctor that’s why they can’t do anything about the leg at this point. This hospital has many bad stories I heard before but I had no choice as previous hospital transfered her for the eye immediately to Civic Hospital. Someone should look into this ASAP. Please email the contact info where I can call and provide more information.