My son was taken to this health unit and is currently still in the unit.  I am not at all pleased with the treatment of psychiatrist with me.  He raised his voice to me and had no compassion for what I have been going through for the past 4 years with my son who is only 21 and just attempted suicide a week before.  It is almost like he was trying to tell me it is all behavioral and that he did this to manipulate to get out a program he was in.  He did not have all the medical facts to do with illness or the fact that he tried to harm himself two previous times at home and not at a program.  I asked if he could not be sent to Ontario Shores in Whitby where he was before for further assessment.  This doctor switched his medicine two days prior and how do you observe it is working if it is an injection that is taken monthly, how do you know after one day if it is working properly for schizophrenia.  I am really disappointed it is like they just want to give these kids medicine and get rid of them right away and not fully observe and reassess a situation that might of changed as the person has been taking medicine for four years and is telling the doctor he don’t feel like its working.  they need to listen more to the patient also and the parents instead of cutting them off and raising their voices to them in response.  I actually had to tell the dr. I needed to speak with someone else as I have never been treated or talked like this before he got the social worker who was much more compassionate about the situation.

They have to understand even though I respect the have protocol and are doing their job by the books, we are human and we are dealing with a lot also.