My sister is a 59 year old disabled woman whom has been paralyzed on her left side since the age of 18.

The past few years you can visual see her health is deteriating and you now can here and see see is suffering severe breathing and heart issues.

She has went into the hospital several times with upper back pain and shortness of breath, each time sent home with future examinations that are far from being in deepth and with each visit her symptoms are worse and I see my sister in fear of not being able to catch her breath and not being able to bare the pain in her upper back.

She knows and we her family know full well this is from her heart and fear losing her before her tests dates come up.

This girl should have never been sent home for she had several attacks today, the day after being in the emergency room !!!!!

Walking 20 feet she had a coughing spell where she couldn’t breath and had severe pain !! We wanted to call an ambulance but she is sick of sitting in waiting rooms and not finding out anything!!!!!!!

She and our family are terrified she is going to die before anyone helps her !! And so help me god there will be a law suit !!! But please if you can get us help immediately please do the right thing and help us!!!!!