My mother Maureen Hendry has been at Southlake since Sept. 15th. Originally she was on the 3rd floor in the MAC unit room 3329 bed c. Sometime between Sept. 20th & 23rd they lost her dentures. At the time my mother was bed ridden so there is no chance that she could of lost them herself. The nurses told us that they had been lost& that they were looking for them in the dirty laundry & garbage. Since this time she has been moved to the auditorium. We have spoken to several nurses, Dr. & an email to Patient’s relations and it does not seem that anyone is interested in addressing the situation of my Mothers denture or taking ownership for this. As I am sure you understand the cost & difficulty it is to replace my mothers “teeth”. It is unfortunate that we have had to resort to this to get action on this situation. Please contact me as soon as possible with a resolution to this problem.


Stephen Hendry