Care C0-ordinating team in Etobicoke guaranteed me that I not need to be there for my mother-in-law’s discharge from the hospital.   The guaranteed me  that the nurses’ would make absolutely sure that Dorothy had her most VITAL piece of attire come with her — her HEARING AID + Device — yet they failed to send it with her.  Dorothy is 92 is very dependent on her aid.  The 10th floor supervisor Paula Manuel would not respond to my many phone messages & therefore I did receive a call from the Brampton hospital advising me that they would have a nurse locate the aid + adaptor & send off for us.  Next thing, I receive a call from the co-ordination unit stating that they’ll mail it.  We are still 2days waiting for the hearing aid + plug attachment to arrive.  When I called to inquire, I received two alternate answers as to where it was being delivered as well.  I phoned the hospital to try & receive a tracking number for the parcel.  This hospital does not want to take responsibility for this action.  If I’d known that I was needed to make sure that everything was packed for her discharge prior — I would have been there upon her departure to help avoid this but I was assured that it was not necessary.  This is so stressful for our family & for Dorothy.  She CANNOT communicate with this device!  How can this hospital consider “customer service” as part of their agenda.  This is just terrible!