On Sept 4, 2017 my husband and I went to Mackenzie health fracture clinic where we were referred to an Opthalmologist to investigate a cut on his cornea. The referral was urgent. We checked in amd waited 2 hours before the 2 ladies atvthe front desk told my husband that his health card was expired. We had just been at the Uxbridge hospital the same morning and there was no memtion of his health card being expired there.

As this was the first time we were hearing about this we asked if we could still see the Dr. And he wpuld go the next morning to get a new health card (it was labour day so service canada was closed). They said no unless we paid for the service out of pocket. They said the service was just under $600. We asked if we would get reimbursed the money back once we fixed the health card misunderstanding and they said no.  Well we didnt have the money. They then said the visit would be $350. How it dropped $250, i dont know.


Needless to say we were turned away, with my husbands eye sight at risk all for a measley few hundred dollars. We were born amd raised in Canada and both worked since we were 14 years of age and have paid taxes for 20 years to ensure we would be taken care of by our health system if we ever needed it and we were turned away as if we were a second class citizen.