I have had numerous negative experiences with this hospital. Recently, my friend was turned away from their emergency department while having severe mental health issues, because they were “too busy” to help her. A psyciatrist requires a referral from a doctor, and she was in crisis. It is hard to get help in the city for mental health so when someone is turned away in the middle of the night with mental health problems it’s not ok. My mom had a client come to her agency in the night in a taxi; the woman had been released despite still having poor mental health, no place to to, and no further referrels or help. The hospital also told the woman and taxi driver that KGH was affiliated with this agency who would pay the taxi because they get funds for ir from KGH…which is a LIE. So my mom paid for it out of her own money.


I went into the ER with a severe migraine it caused very bad nausea. I told them I was allergic to a certain medication for nausea as multiple doctors had given it to me and said to put it on my allergy list and never let someone give it to me. Each time I go to the hospital they argue with me, make rude sarcastic comments and say I’m not really allergic to it I can’t be. Multiple doctors have given me the nedication anyway depsite my arguing resulting in a severe reaction requiring more medication to fix the reaction and more of the doctor’s time. All because they won’t listen to me and are condescending even though my mom (usually at the hospital with me) is a nurse, I have taken life sciences and just graduated university with a degree. What took the cake though was when a nurse LIED TO MY FACE when I asked what she was hanging in the IV. She said gravol, hooked it up and left. Within a minute, not even, the severe reaction began. I yelled what did they give me this isn’t gravol what’s happening! I barely remember anything else other than the nurse running and saying, “oh wow, she really IS allergic to it. We said it was gravol but we hung the other stuff because we wanted to see if you were actually allergic.” I ended up more sick than when I went in, worsened my migraine, and had to stay longer in the ER. I didn’t know I had signed up to be part of a clinic trial…this was completely unethical. I also ended up walking on a broken pelvis for over 2 years because the doctos in the hospital would not believe me. I was admitted onto pediatrics at one point and the doctor eventually told me the pain was in my head, another said it was because my dad had died, and they tried to aend me to the psychiatric hospital. I refused, argued the pain was real check my pelvis and muscles but no one listened. I left the hospital but was made to see multiple psychiatrists who all said I did not need to be seeing them. Over 2 years later of pain and suffering, lost tine at work, fighting with doctors and being treated awful, it was found I had a broken pelvis. I recebtly was telling a doctor who has this in my charta nd inquired and it took him 2 seconds and he cut me off and was like oh yes I know all about that…did you have these symptoms? When I said yes he was astounded it took over 2 years for it to be foubd….but I guess that is what happens when dealing with KGH.

I have had doctors yell at me, be rude, snarky, condescending, stick their finger in my face shaking it yelling at me….because I pushed the callbell, the nurse came in and did not know the answer to my question so she called and asked the doctor. He felt the need to come to the floor, storm into my room and rudely say, “well you did not need to go behind my back…” and continued on a rude tangent. I told him sorry you like ran put earluer before even asking if I had a question and I started to ask and you kept walking and left. So next time nurse came in I asked her. When she did not know I said it was fine thank you I would ask next time doctor came to see me…I didn’t even ask her to aks him but I thought it was nice she tried to get the answer for me. If she told him I said he ran out before I could ask well sorry he could not habdle being ceitized for his poor patient care and bedside manner.

I have also been in for meningitis and after being in hospital on floor 10 I co tracted c difficile after a few weeks being in there. I am pretty sure it is because someone with c difficile had used the shower chair before me and the psw lied when she said she cleaned the chair. And if they did clean it, hot soapy water is the only thing that killa c diff germs…yet they use wipes to clean the chairs, and hand sanitizer to wahs hands between patients. This does nothing to kill the germs and tjey wonder why there has veen breakouts and deatha from c diff at the hospital? I was told by a nurse in the ER about thw hot soapy water and she was frustrated with the hand sanitizer being used instead, too. I have looked online and this is accurate info. Overall, expect to be waiting long amounts of time for care, expect to be brushed off and treated poorly. If you find a nice doctor or nurse, and they want to help and seem to actually care….cherish them. There have been a few, one who was the sweetest and held me while I bawled in n waiting for the one day. Otherwise, I have many complaints against this hospital and more horror stories.