Very frustrated at the fracture clinic.  First time we came to have my sons leg casted we had an appointment for 10:30 am, it was 3 pm before he was seen.  At this point the doctor didn’t want to do anything with it so they just casted it as is after being in a split for 2 days and no new X-rays to make certain it hadn’t shifted.  2 days later they wanted us to come back for X-rays to make certain it was setting properly. We came at the appointment time got the X-rays but was told the fracture clinic was closed that day so I told them that when the doctor gets his shit together I’ll be at home and he can call us there cause I have already spent more then enough on parking.  Doctor called a few hrs later asking us to come back that in fact the fracture clinic is open to have his cast pre cut for they had to rebreak and reset the leg in surgery the next day.  His surgery was set for 10:30 am again this time no food or drink from the night before.  They were again 4 hrs behind so by the time my son was going in he was sick to his stomach and getting dehydrated.  Now we are here again for another follow up that I was originally told was gonna need X-rays before hand but when we register we were told no and we are still waiting so far an hr past his aappointment time.  I believe the hospital should make the doctors that run clinics here responsible for the cost of parking for the patients they make wait far too long.  It would be one thing if it was a walk in clinic fist come first serve but when your given an apointment time they should honour it.  Most doctors charge patients for not showing of being late the same shops go for the doctors. STOP OVERBOOKING our time is worth as much as your