On Sunday afternoon my wife and I happily drove to perform a 3D ultrasound to find out the sex of our 16 week old. Unfortunately that is when we were told to rush to the hospital as there was no heart beat detected.  Upon arrival to Mackenzie Health we waited and waited and at 7-7:30pm the emergency doctor on call ( excellent) had booked us on ultrasound, much later around 10:45pm the doctor came to us and was wondering what we were still doing there as he thought that when ultrasound confirmed his brief ultrasound he did in the emergency that she would have already been taken care of. After he investigated what was happening, he came to us and apologized that the ultrasound technicians had left before the end of their shift, again he uttered, and also filed an internal complaint. He then scheduled us the following morning to come in and do a confirmation ultrasound and then would. E looked after. The following morning came and we did all that we were supposed to do. It has since been well over 36 hours and my wife whom is already having to deal with the loss, is continually being told that we are on waiting list. As I walk the hospital I see that there are 2 types of care providers.  Those who know the job the chose and truly care for what they are doing, however unfortunately I feel that there are several more of those who do little above expected, IF THAT.  Although apparently my wife is not in serious danger, there are several side affects which are associated with a miscarriage and the waiting I believe makes the mind work harder.